Be Still My Soul

Lesson learned. Don’t wait until the end of the month to finalize an arrangement. Life will get in the way (in this case labor day weekend) and before you know it, it’s the first of the month and the video isn’t ready. Sorry peoples. I’ll get it done this week. Scout’s honor.

In order to beg for your forgiveness, I submit to the court: “Be Still My Soul” with a little bit of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” sprinkled in. Some people may have heard this already. I did it this past February for a couple of friends that were going through some really hard stuff – predating So if you knew me before, you might have heard this already. But if not, I hope you like it.

I’ve always loved “Be Still My Soul.” You can just feel the personal anguish in the lyrics and melody. We’ve all been there, trying to calm yourself down. Telling yourself everything will be alright, even though at the moment things just aren’t. So how could I not couple a hymn like that with “He lives to silence all my fears. He lives to wipe away my tears. He lives to calm my troubled heart.”?

Since originally posting this to Youtube, I’ve had a lot of people email and ask if I had transcribed it. So as an extra bonus to make up for the delay this month, I’ll transcribe it and do a lesson on it at the same time as I do it for “If You Could Hie to Kolob.”

So stay tuned. Arrangements will always be posted on the first of each month. Don’t get discouraged by this month’s delay. But every once in a while, stuff happens.


Here’s how to play it

Download MoTAB

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  1. I loved this when I first saw you do it. You carry the weight of the emotion of the lyrics into the guitar. Rare, and wonderful. Thanks Ben. To approxi-quote Elder Holland: “The trials of this life are deep, and we are not shallow people if we struggle with them.”

    • Finally finished the TAB for this. Still on the hook for the video lesson. That will probably happen when I sit down to record next month’s song – I Am a Child of God. Let me know if you have any questions about the sheet music. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks you so much. Guitar is only 1 of few ways where I can just be myself and now that I have the opportunity to listen and play LDS Songs, my life is much better.

  3. Thanks so much for this video and Tab. We have a 4 part guitar ensemble where we play hymns in Sacrament meetings once in a while, and I needed something that wasn’t so plonky, and your version is perfect.

    • Sweet! I was going for unplonky, so I’m glad to hear that came across in the arrangement :) Seriously though, thanks for the feedback. Very cool that you have a little ensemble playing in sacrament meetings.

  4. Ben,
    Thanks for sharing your talents. Learning this one now and really enjoy playing it. Enjoy listening to your music as well. Sincerely wish to thank you for your time and efforts here.

  5. You’re an amazing player! Thank you so much for sharing this talent with us! I hope to one day be able to play this, being that I’m still a beginner! These hymns are absolutely beautiful and your arrangement makes them a bit more special to me! Once again thank you for sharing!!

  6. Have only been playing classical guitar for a year, so still a beginner, but have been trying to find arrangements for hymns. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift.

  7. I came across your blog, and live your songs. I would like to download the mp3 of Be Still My Soul/I Know That My Redeemer Lives. Any chance of you putting it up?

  8. I love your website and your songs my favourite was when you played I am a child of god it was mean but I need some help with a song called he sent his son.I am doing it for our church program and thank you .

  9. An amazing arrangement!….I mastered it in two days thanks to your effort and talent. Thanks for sharing it with us Ben. It really soothes the soul. May the Lord bless you……

  10. HI! I am a serious fan of your music. And i would just like to know what kind of guitar you use? it’s sound is so amazing!

  11. I was looking for songs church that my boys can harmonize with and stumbled across your page. So excited that I went straight to iTunes and bought your album! Now maybe I can get my hubby to play some hymns on his guitar? Thanks!

  12. Thanks very much for inspire our days with your music! May be we will use some of your songs in our ward for a primary activity day here in Argentina!

  13. I love this medley of hymns. They work so well together and sound amazing. I’m learning to play it and have it put together quite well up to page six. The issue that I’m having is that I like the softer sound of the classical guitar and when you start using your thumb on the low D, the neck on the classical guitar is too wide for me to get my thumb around to use so my fingers get really wonky and difficult to hit consistently. Any suggestions?

    • Try using your third finger to replace the thumb whenever the fourth fret is being played. Use your first finger when it’s the fifth fret. Still a stretch, but hopefully that helps!

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