It’s time for YOU to pick the hymn

As a huge thank you to all of you for your wonderful support, I want to let the audience pick the song for January.  So if there is a hymn that you’ve been wanting to hear me arrange, now is your chance!

Simply comment on this post or send me a message on the Contact page.  You can also message me or post a comment on Facebook.  All of them get to me eventually.

I’ll collect all of the suggestions and on Dec. 2, I’ll post a video of me randomly selecting the hymn out of a hat (Because why not?).  That way everyone has a fair shot at getting theirs picked.

So get in your suggestions now!  You can post as many suggestions as you want, but just don’t go overboard.  If you also see that someone else has posted the hymn you want, don’t let that stop you from participating.  Your suggestion of that same hymn will increase the odds of it getting picked.

Update 12/2/13

And the winner is…….

Congratulations Brittany!  Arrangement will be posted on January 1.  Thank you to everyone for participating!  This was a lot of fun!

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  1. Ahh, and there was one I thought of before and couldn’t remember. It just came back to me – Stars were gleaming. It has a few nice a minor and e minor measures that are fun to play.

  2. Here are the suggestions from Facebook as well, just so I have them all in one place. Remember, the more you suggest one hymn, the better the odds are for it getting selected. So even if you see the one you want listed so far, don’t let that stop you from suggesting it.

    if you could hie to kolob!
    How Firm a Foundation
    Lord I would Follow Thee
    Army’s of Helaman
    A Child’s Prayer
    Ok, Army’s of Helaman would be awesome!
    In Our Lovely Deseret (second verse only, acapella) :)
    Abide with me/Abide with me tis eventide medley
    I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
    A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
    Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy
    Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise, In Humility our Savior, Each Life that Touches Ours For Good
    All Creatures of Our God and King
    A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. Have you seen New York Doll? Channel David Johansen.
    For the Beauty of the Earth
    We’ll bring the world his truth.
    Come Thou Fount (along with my favorite arrangement). Austin sang this in Sacrament meeting one Sunday and I balled my eyes out.
    Now Let Us Rejoice. Or Redeemer of Israel.
    The Spirit of God
    Love is spoken here.
    What about that one that U2 wrote for the hymn book–God Moves in a Mysterious Way
    How Great Thou Art
    A Poor Wayfaring of Grief mixed with Praise to the Man.
    Come Come Ye Saints
    Abide with me tis eventide!
    Ó Criaturas do Senhor
    I stand all amazed or I believe in Christ
    Lead Kindly Light
    There is a Green Hill.
    Jesus once of humble birth
    Help me teach with Inspiration
    Lead Kindly Light

  3. Army of Helaman (We’ll Bring the World His Truth). It’s one of my brother’s favorites and he’s been anxiously hoping you’d do that song.

  4. How about “Brightly Beams our fathers mercy” with a bit of Johnny Cash mixed in…that is still one of my favorite hymns sung by a popular artist….also maybe “What child is this” for Christmas…Love that song too.

  5. So after listening to I hope they call me on mission again, the combining of two songs gave me an idea. When I went to EFY ages ago, they had all of the attendees sing together in the conference hall, the men singing armies of Helaman, and the women singing as sisters in Zion in a sort of combined medley or sorts. And while they are not my favorite songs necessarily, it was a powerful combo, and the best part of EFY! So even if one of those doesn’t get picked for January, keep it in mind as a possible combo type arrangement. I think the are the same meter? Maybe? Possibly? I know very little about it, but you would know I’m sure. Anyways, keep it up dude. This is really a very bright spot in a world of so much dark. I love seeing what musically genius things you come up with every month and I love the testimony/story that accompanies it.

    • Thanks! Yeah, the youth in our ward sing that whenever someone is leaving on a mission. It’s a very powerful combo and one that I never tire from hearing since it means another missionary is leaving for the field. It would be cool to do some overdubbing on that one too, I think. Hmmmmm… That could be pretty rad.

  6. Because it will be December and Christmas, how about “Once In Royal David’s City”. And I LOVE “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”. That one would be great sometime. I look forward every month to your new song–thanks for sharing!

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