2019 LDS Mutual Theme Song Guitar Chords

2019 LDS Mutual Theme Song Guitar Chords

Download Sheet Music (Female)
Download Sheet Music (Male)

I really like the 2019 youth theme song “If We Love Him” a lot. I took a look at the sheet music and the song is in F, which is a tough key on guitar because of the Bb. Plus, the chords they list in the sheet music don’t match the chord voicing of the piano, which makes it less than satisfying to play on guitar. (Also a couple of the chords they have listed are wrong)

So I went through and changed the chords for the female version of the song to make it fun to play on the guitar.

You’ll need a capo to play it. By putting the capo on the first fret, it changes the key used on the guitar to E which allows you to play chords that match the chord voicing in the recording and still be in the same key. So you can strum along with the piano and be just fine, or you can finger pick it (especially in the beginning) and come out pretty close to how the piano plays it in the recording.

Also don’t be scared by the names of the chords. They’re much easier to play than they seem. I added the chord charts to the last page to help you out.

Pro tip: Notice how the ring finger is always on the same same string. That’s your anchor finger that allows you to switch chords easily. You basically only need to change your index and middle finger on each chord. The ring finger is always the same. So don’t lift it off the string when changing chords and it will make the chords changes easier and sound much smoother.

I’ll try to get to the male version of the song soon. Maybe I’ll even post a video tutorial. I’ll update this post with them whenever I do.

Have fun with this one!

FYI – You can also download the original If We Love Him sheet music and MP3 directly from lds.org.

  • Daisy
    Posted at 09:20h, 04 October Reply


  • Carlos Batista
    Posted at 17:03h, 22 January Reply

    Hi… Ben Howington. My name is Carlos, i’m a member the church in Brazil

    I do this post to thank you for your musical work.
    I have a daughter in the young women of the church and the tips of this song have helped me to be closer to her.
    Thank you and success.

  • Jessica
    Posted at 21:31h, 01 March Reply

    Love the authenticity of this tutorial. I laughed with you at the task of keeping in tempo all the way to the end I was like I’d be doing that exact same thing if I was playing it right now. Such a relatable and warm personality. I appreciate teachers like that.

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