Lila’s pick for October

Lila’s pick for October

Well it happened. You knew it was coming. I knew it was coming. And now it’s been chosen. Lila’s pick for October is “I am a Child of God.”

Like “Book of Mormon Stories,” this one has been done so many times and is so engrained in people that I want to try and put my own unique stamp on it. Here’s a clue on what I’m thinking:

If you have viewed the website on your desktop computer, then you’ve notice the “Welcome to – Free acoustic arrangements of my kids’ favorite LDS hymns” intro. Well you might have noticed that the word “acoustic” has been replaced with “monthly.”

I’ve said too much.

Check in again on Oct. 1 for the next arrangement. Until then, soak in all the love and thanks I’m sending your way for everyone’s unbelievable support of this site. Every day I get emails from people with questions about how to play certain licks or to just give some feedback or input. I love hearing from everyone. I’ve always loved the guitar community for that reason. It’s a community. We make each other better and lift each other up.

It makes me grateful that I learned to play when I was a teenager. And it makes me grateful that you are using this site in some small way to help you learn too, no matter where you are in life. Or even if you are just using this site to listen and gain a better appreciation for the guitar and hymns, thank you to you as well!

Now back to arranging “I am a Child of God.” Here goes nothing!

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