#TBT to one year ago today

#TBT to one year ago today

I can’t believe I recorded I am Child of God for the album one year ago today. It seems like it was much longer ago than that.

But I’m still happy with how it turned out :)

Recording I am a Child of God through a ’65 Fender Super Reverb. The holy grail of amps. Sounds so freaking good.

Posted by Mormon Guitar on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

  • Dennis Poulsen
    Posted at 17:13h, 12 November Reply

    You changed my life as a guitarist and Mormon. I have created my own arrangements of hymns for my family. Thank you for your inspiration and bravery. Your tone (Strat) is perfect. I’m curious if you use an OD or just let the amp break up? Are there any mods to that amp?

    • Ben Howington
      Posted at 02:19h, 16 November Reply

      I feel absolutely honored to hear you say that. Thank you so, so much. I’ve used a couple of different amps for the strat on here. I Am A Child of God was my Peavey Classic 30 tube amp. It’s just a cheap little tube amp with a single 12″ speaker. On the albums, I played through an original ’65 Fender Super Reverb. But for the more recent videos on the website (Where Can I Turn For Peace) I’ve actually just gone direct into Apple Logic Pro and used their amp modules. It made recording set up a lot easier and I could do it at night and not wake the kids up. But for every video or recording I’ve done with the strat, I haven’t used any OD pedals. I just go straight into the amp and turn it to the dirty setting to where it only breaks up when I dig into it. Which is usually around 3 or 4, depending on the volume.

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