Vote for April’s Hymn

Vote for April’s Hymn

After all this time spent doing the new website, it’s finally time to get back to arranging some new hymns. Which means… It’s time to get back to voting!

To make this easier, I’ve taken five of the more popular requests that I’ve received from people over the last few months as the five choices.

Everyone is allowed to vote once. It’s set up to allow one vote per IP address, so if you have multiple devices, you can vote once on each. Just remember that if you’re on a home wifi, you’re all sharing an IP address. You’ve been warned!

You also don’t have to create a login to vote, so you can get as many friends and family members as you’d like to help your favorite win.

I’m excited to have all the technical stuff behind me and can devote my time to new arrangements. I hope you’re excited. Because I’m excited.

Good luck!


Winner: How Great Thou Art



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