Vote for June’s hymn

Vote for June’s hymn

It’s that time again! Time for you to pick which hymn I should do next month.

Since it’s been such a close vote these last few months, I’ve left the options the same and added Where Can I Turn for Peace. I love that hymn. Have you ever heard Tyler Glenn’s version? It’s amazing.

Voting will remain open until Sunday 11:59PM EST. The poll is set up to allow one vote per device, so get as many of your friends to vote for the hymn you want. The vote for How Great Thou Art was swung in one afternoon by one person getting a couple hundred of their friends to vote. It was amazing to witness.

Thanks for all the wonderful support and feedback, especially with A Child’s Prayer. I didn’t expect that kind of reaction. You guys are awesome.

Good luck voting!

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Voting ends Sunday 11:59PM EST


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